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Unlock your campaign’s full potential with our bespoke services. We enable your team to focus on what’s important – selling! Let us cut out the legwork and provide you with qualified opportunities.

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Business Development

Targeted, high quality, up-to-date data


Target Account Profiling

Qualified leads ready to meet your sales team


IoT Marketing

Insight into product roadmaps & IoT IP


OEM Marketing

Gain insight into clients’ IP & OEM Opportunities


Event Invitations

Save time with event invitations & messaging


CRM Cleaning

Transform defective data into a valuable asset


Our Services

B2B IT Telemarketing

Business Development

Save time and meet with qualified leads who want to know more about your products. Through our bespoke combination of target account profiling and business development services, we can ensure your sales team will be engaging with relevant prospects who are actively looking to buy. To further safeguard your return on investment we employ only telemarketing agents who have decades of experience in product positioning in the industry.

Software Telemarketing

It is critical to us that your company is represented in a professional manner. In order to fulfil this commitment, our business development agents possess decades of experience in telemarketing with extensive knowledge on products residing in the IT and software industry. Our agents never use scripts unless requested, allowing them to be able to communicate naturally and fluently with high-end decision makers.

Social Media Marketing

75% of B2B Buyers are influenced by social media when making purchasing decisions. Save time by using our Social Media marketing service. We will generate applicable leads by focusing on target accounts on your behalf, allowing you to focus on what really matters.

Consultation & Feedback

A key aspect of our business model which we pride ourselves upon is our regular consultation and feedback provided throughout your campaign. Through having regular meetings to discuss the progress we can also use this time to adapt and enhance your campaign. Many of our clients find this very beneficial, and now see it as a critical success factor.

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Increase your OEM portfolio with our IP Profiling and lead generation services



Obtain key information about product roadmaps and gain a valuable insight into sales opportunities



Free up time and gain valuable face to face meetings with our event invitation service



Transform your defective data into a valuable sales asset with our data cleansing service

Target Account Profiling

Target Account Profiling

In order to increase your sales pipeline it is critical that you are talking to the right people. From using our target account profiling service which utilises our specialist platform providing us with a large scope of companies and their staff globally we can begin the initial engagements you require. To ensure quality, we collate this data and manually check every piece to ensure its accuracy.


We understand the importance when you are selling into very specific markets, with targeted sales strategies. Our lead generation services will allow you to contact those prospects in those specific areas, industries and job roles. Throughout every campaign, you can rely on our data to be accurate, up-to-date and targeted.


Accurate data drives stronger leads, stronger leads results in generating pipeline. Using our bespoke platform we possess the capability to pull and collate data from a wide range of streams which in turn is then refined using automated systems alongside human influence. We guarantee that each piece of data we retrieve is assessed and checked manually by a member of our data team to safeguard its accuracy.

Pilot Project Policy

Throughout any one of our services our main concern is ensuring we provide you with a successful campaign. Our years of experience has led us to understand that every campaign is different and has to be approached uniquely. In order to protect your investment and gauge the success of your campaign, we always complete a small test pilot project as part of your campaign preparation. This allows us to run through our results with your team before going live, giving time to make any refinements necessary based on your feedback. Our existing customers find this to be of real value as they have more control over their campaign which they can shape their requirements.

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Target Account Profiling

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