Maintaining Positive Growth in Europe Despite Economic Uncertainties

TPL France

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the economic climate following Brexit and the incoming legislation changes in the EU with GDPR, The Profiling Labs have maintained positive growth throughout Europe. Due to GDPR, organisations are now recognising the importance of compliant, accurate and quality lead generation and demand for such services has increased significantly over the last few years.

This has been demonstrated perfectly by The Profiling Labs and the progress they have made over the past year in France by solidifying their presence in IT lead generation with a local practice. Situated in Levallois and ran by Emmanuel Garot and Laurent Martial, TPL France have provided a local approach to lead generation, advising organisations on the best methodology locally when constructing and executing multi-channel lead generation and campaigns.

“As we move into 2018 with such drastic changes in the ways we can approach generating new business and remain compliant there is a distinct emphasis on the importance of local knowledge that cannot be underestimated. Emmanuel and Laurent have proven to be some of the most knowledgeable people you will find on the topics of structuring and approaching demand generation campaigns in France and we are delighted with the success they have brought in the region.”

Curtis Cox, Head of Services & Operations.

As with all of the telemarketing personnel deployed by TPL, the team in Levallois boasts an impressive wealth of experience with Jean-Christophe having worked on campaigns for SAP, SCC, Dell EMC, to name but a few over the past decade.

“Working closely with the UK team allows us to create the same quality multi-channel lead generation campaigns encompassing all aspects of the services offered including profiling, telemarketing and digital that have worked so well throughout EMEA and replicate them with a local touch. The result of the collaboration is a highly effective but, more importantly, locally tailored approach.”

Emmanuel Garot, Managing Director, TPL France

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